SOLD, Which way do we go
Through the trees
SOLD-Quietly fading
SOLD, Distortion
SOLD, Dream with your eyes open
SOLD- The quite ones are those that spoke the truth
SOLD- We think we understand
SOLD, Direct
SOLD, I’ll take my time
SOLD, Breach
SOLD, Immersion
SOLD, Returning
SOLD, Along the way, diptych
SOLD, Leaving it all behind
SOLD, Winters edge
SOLD, Which way now
SOLD, Direct route
SOLD, Perseverance
SOLD, Re-entry
SOLD, Along the horizon,
SOLD, Layers
SOLD, Into
SOLD, Journey
SOLD, Miles from nowhere
SOLD, Convergence
SOLD, Above it all
SOLD, Meadow lark
SOLD, Caldera
SOLD, On and beyond
SOLD, I guess I’ll take my time
SOLD, Near, triptych
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